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My sinuses hurt like crazy still so I'm still spending a lot of my time sleeping off benedryl because it's hay fever season and all the allergens from up North are flying through the air to Florida. Of course I'm also allergic to dust and pet dander and all sorts of fun stuff.

So I've spent most of my time sleeping, reading fanfic, and listening to music and forcing myself to move so I don't get a blood clot. Despite this it's managed to be an exciting week.

I discovered a new recipe that Ian and I loved, that was very healthy and involved spaghetti squash. I always love when a new healthy recipe is a hit. Ian loved it and normally spaghetti squash recipes get a meh.

Ian's giving lectures to my roommate and childhood best friend (Bri) about circuits and electricity because she really wants to leave retail so their seeing if she has a knack for it, so she could maybe get a job as a designer. It's been fun.

Bri got a second job, cleaning houses for a lady that does rental homes here. She'll make some good money and hopefully stop running out of money well before she gets her next paycheck.

She gave me a scare on Monday or Tuesday. First Ian was tired and grumpy at me and then she arrived home and I left my room and chirped at her.

She finished putting her stuff in the fridge. And made eye contact and her eyes looked all bulgy like she was going to kill me. She stomped to her shower and I went into my room to hide because I thought she was made at me. And I didn't come out until I was certain she was asleep.

Later I recieve texts from her and I come out and it's how I found about her second job, she'd told Ian and thought he'd told me and found out that she'd been pissed at her boss from her retail job and thought she'd said hello.

We had a good laugh and I was reassured that she wasn't mad at me. I am having fun teasing her about though.

Childhood best friends if you can't mock one another gently what is years of friendship for?

She still mocks me about the candle incident after all.

It was my birthday and we were walking down the cake aisle and I held up birthday candles and said I wanted something to blow on my birthday. She cracked up. A stock person stocking said aisle looked at me funny. Ian quit coming towards us with drinking supplies and I was confused and then bright red.

And that was five years ago? Perhaps more...

I'm also fascinated in the fact that Europe is getting a hurricane. I didn't know that could happen.

I hope everyone effected takes the appropriate safety precautions and makes sure to have water, food supplies and candles.

And I think I've babbled enough.
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Had planned on going upstairs to type an entry but cleaning earlier made me dizzy, itchy and gave me a sore throat (didn't realize Ian had bought the with bleach variety of comet and I'm allergic to bleach)... So I spent the afternoon snuggling with my Boo cat. At least the stomach aches of Friday and Saturday are gone. I missed out on an outing with Ian and Mum to my favorite restaurant. Ian brought home leftovers though,so I had some on Saturday.

I also must thank the train. That's stopped by our house blocking the road. Since it's staying there a while, Ian has turned his car around and is fetching me the food I'm craving for supper since he's passing it anyway as he circles around.

Living near a train Depot (mostly cargo) is handy sometimes. ^_^
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I finally made it upstairs to my computer and can now properly catch up on comments and such.

My legs are sore still but my back is finally better. At least better enough that I can bend, sit, and move without needing copious amounts of pain killers.

This weekend was pretty quiet I spent much of it curled up with Ian. It was nice.

This week he shouldn't have to work late as much as he did last week which is nice. Last week he didn't get home until 8pm even though he left earlier than normal each day. Which was frustrating. I didn't mind being fed my favorite takeout foods but I missed my husband. I always miss him when he works late.

Today he's having a working lunch in the hopes of not needing to work late tonight. So I've made myself a cute little bento box with panda decorations. It's mostly a protein box with some fruit but I might not end up eating alone since my roommate is having a loud conversation with one of her work friends which means she'll possibly be up and in the living room soon.

I'm sleepy as hell right now because during my two weeks of illness/pain I got into the habit of daylight sleeping so even though I slept last night all I want to do is go to sleep. But I want my more normal schedule back which means trying to stay awake until at least 5pm tonight.

My heart is breaking for Los Vegas though. I don't think I'll ever understand how people can just open fire in a public place and kill a bunch of people.
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I was hoping to make it upstairs today but that's not going to happen.

I'm pretty sure my back pain is because I pinched the sciatic nerve again. I'm treating it with hot water bottles and nsaids unless the pain worsens or it doesn't go away in a few days. I am in love with my hot or cold pack more than usual. Normally it has ice for my headaches.

But if I go upstairs, Ian's not up to help me downstairs if it proves to much and there's no bathroom up there. They put a sink for some reason but not a toilet. Which is a shame because a half bath would make more sense than a random sink.

In better news, Ian finished the part of his project that had him working late. My Allegra was found(the front office misplaced it and weren't really trying to find it until Ian called it my medicine, they found it the next day). I got Greek takeout and made a delicious spinach and feta dish, I'll make again today.
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I'm alive and ready to get things going again.

I've got a back log of stuff that needs tending in fandom land, so much so I might need a to do list.

My diet ended up in fuckitville for a few weeks so I've got to get that back on track.

This weekend wasn't bad. I tried to watch the last season of Doctor Who but the first episode was ungodly boring and I saw no sign of plot before I turned it off after 15 minutes. Then we watched a George Carlin comedy special and then watched Planet Earth.
I'm mostly over the sinus infection and now just have to figure out why my lower back hurts.

But I feel like a human being again.
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I'm nearly hysterical with pain.

I have a sinus infection that's triggered a migraine and neither icepack nor meds have done anything.

And Amazon says they delivered my meds to the leasing office on Friday but the leasing office does not have my package. Ian said they seemed more willing to search when he said it was medicine.

I'm going to try and distract myself with this soulmate verse plot bunny I have where you only know it's your soulmate when you can actually orgasm.

It's weird and odd and I think the HP verse is best to explore it.
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I've been really grumpy this weekend.

Sebastian peed in our closet also so that's four places he peed that's not a litter box in two days.

Since he's not my cat he's been banned from our room and I'm keeping the door shut.

Our cat is the only one allowed in.

And our AC is broken again...

So I've just been going around grumpy all weekend.
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Argh cats.

Especially Basshole. My roommates eldest demonspawn.

He peed on my dirty clothes, he peed on the bathroom rug, and probably (could have been Boo or Mercat) peed underneath the box.

I wonder if the alligators in the pond are hungry? (Joke: I'd never hatm the little bastard... And I normally like him. Might even love him but.... Urgh.... CATS
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I have a headache so I ended up reading true crime Wikipedia entries. I normally read the solved ones but I ended up reading the unsolved ones and now I can't seem to sleep...

And not just because of the ice pack on my neck.
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I feel guilty. A sort of survivor's guilt.

Tampa had been phased to in the words of our mayor take a punch in the face and then Irma shifted course.

During the long night I was happy it stayed on land because the path when it stayed on the gulf before hitting us was the one that would have devastated us.

And then the path shifted. As our local paper said, "Irma staggered along the state like a drunken tourist."

And my section of Tampa was the only part still in the cone... And then even we weren't in the cone.

I was euphoric. It didn't hit us we we're safe, the eye didn't hit us.

Mum (mother in law) was in Georgia, parents were fine, mom was fine, brother was fine...

Then I saw the flooding, the destruction in Jacksonville, in parts of Orlando, in Charleston

And I feel guilty for anxiety fueled euphoria... And yet grateful my home was spared.

Mum's house may be damaged because the area where she lives was closer to the eye path when it was still cat 3 and some parts experienced flooding.

But as she's still in Georgia (leaving today at midday we won't know until later).

And the flooding isn't as bad as Jacksonville and Charleston.
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We still have power here unlike most of Tampa. The path has shifted so it's more inland and my area is on the cones border.

I'm feeling better and might sleep soon.

Hopefully in the morning things still look nice.
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I'm as prepared as we can be.

Path has shifted back towards Tampa and away from St. Pete which should reduce the winds slamming into us if she takes that path since the land will slow down.

My step mother showed once more that she has the emotional range of a teaspoon by yelling at me for being afraid. New Smyrna Beach where I grew up never took a direct hit.

We had winds and maybe tree damage but until I lived through Charley. I'd never experienced the complete destruction of a dead on hurricane.

So yeah. I'm afraid. Irma's a bitch of a storm.

But for now I'm going to pretend I'm a Yong Minerva McGonagall with balls of steel and no fear. Or perhaps Rose Tyler faces down Daleks

Interesting facts: The most accurate weather model they use is the European model based in Germany.

I'll update until the internet dies and/or the internet dies.
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Irma's projected eye path is now going through St. Pete rather than going through us.

I don't know if that's good or bad for us. As the longer the bitch spends in the warm water the stronger she'll be.

She's also moving at six miles per hour.

Storm surge map for our area hasn't changed. Which I do find surprising at this point. I'd think it would be more. But I'm not complaining.

My computer is wrapped in plastic in case the upstairs window breaks.

We've commandeered the cat litter jugs we forget to throw out and filled them all for flushing.

I've filled containers full of water and frozen as many as I could. I've probably got two weeks worth of water.

Rolling blackouts are expected once the storm hits us more but the eye of the storm is not expected until tomorrow afternoonish.

Hopefully everyone else in Florida is keeping safe.

And remembers not to step in deep puddles as they could have power lines. My mom got electrocuted in 2005 that way. She's alive but her memories are shot.

Cool link: Irma sucked the ocean from the Bahamas:
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Irma now shows it hitting the gulf and then slamming into us as a cat 3.

Before we were getting the better part of the eye.

Now we are getting the dirty half.

I wish we could leave or time travel to when this storm was over.
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Track has shifted even more to the west and is now passing closer to us.

We've made a nest for Sunday. It's already prepared in case Irma speeds up again.

I took a Xanax so I feel "calmer".
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We are now under a hurricane watch as the projections tilt more west.

Currently we're not projected to see the eye and hopefully that remains the case.

I've frozen tons of water and am filling up as many clean containers up with water as I can.

But hopefully it slows down further.
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Irma is veering more to the west than this morning.


I'm becoming more afraid.

I keep reassuring myself that it won't be like Charley, when we were pretty much blindsided and suddenly it was veering towards us at high speed.

I'm also taking comfort that we aren't in an evacuation zone at the moment.

And we have food and some water with more containers.

Because I looked it up earlier: Hurricane Charley on Wikipeda:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Charley
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I'm a Floridian and I'm scared.

I remember what Charlie did. How it swerved at the last second angled straight towards Punta Gorda and went from a minor storm to a big one.

I remember the eye. The terror of being in the hallway with mattresses bracing each side and thanking God we'd just gotten a new roof.

And that it zoomed across so quickly the projected storm surge didn't happen. We would have been on that brand new roof m

I remember everywhere around me being destroyed.

And this one is slower and more dangerous.

I'm frightened. I live in Tampa now. We're higher up. But I'm afraid.

My family lives in Hollywood, Miami, Fort Pierce, and Daytona Beach areas. All coastal low lying areas on the east coast of my beloved state.

And I'm scared and I want to hide under the bed until it's over.
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I've been meaning to blog all week but couldn't. First because I was waiting for maintenance to fix our toilet. They came in on Friday and broke it further and had to summon a plumber.

So we had to share our roommate's bathroom. Three people, three cats, one bathroom. Twas fun.

Then we picked up a friend from the airport but his flight got delayed since Chicago had a bomb threat. So we didn't get to bed until 12:30 which messed up my early rising.

And it's been too damn hot to go upstairs. There's no insulation up there according to maintaince and when it's 95 degrees out and my computer is on it's much too hot.

I'll probably wake up early tomorrow since Ian's got a working lunch so my best friend is treating me to Chipotle.
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Couldn't see the eclipse because of the rain and clouds but I still had an amazing day.

Ian and I went to a botanical garden in Savannah and we walked around some gorgeous gardens, smelled amazing flowers and saw so many butterflies, before it stormed.

So we watched the eclipse on TV. It was still an amazing day.

Butterfly image: https://www.instagram.com/p/BYEKYudhNPD/

Butterfly video: (complete with Dani voice):https://www.instagram.com/p/BYD-DvTBjEB/

I took a ton of photos and I'm quite happy with my mini vacation.


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