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Couldn't see the eclipse because of the rain and clouds but I still had an amazing day.

Ian and I went to a botanical garden in Savannah and we walked around some gorgeous gardens, smelled amazing flowers and saw so many butterflies, before it stormed.

So we watched the eclipse on TV. It was still an amazing day.

Butterfly image: https://www.instagram.com/p/BYEKYudhNPD/

Butterfly video: (complete with Dani voice):https://www.instagram.com/p/BYD-DvTBjEB/

I took a ton of photos and I'm quite happy with my mini vacation.
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I'm all packed and looking forward to leaving ungodly tomorrow to arrive in Savannah tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to this trip even if it might be raining during the eclipse time.

I'll be back late Tuesday Night. Hopefully with fun stories to tell.
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I made it all the way upstairs and managed to make one whole icon, lol.

I'm still really tired and I don't know if it's the pill entirely or if I've got a slight cold/allergy thing.

I'll probably end up taking an afternoon nap, Ian's already promised not to wake me.

In the good news side of things I made an experimental dish in the crock pot last night and it tasted amazing. Tikka Masala.

My skin is still tingly with improved circulation and all that cilantro makes me want a big bowl of pho.

I also want to figure out how to prevent my pictures from becoming too small on dreamwidth so that I can type up a few recipes.
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Have been dizzy and unable to climb stairs, side effect of meds. Have been cooking good food and sleeping a ton.


Aug. 15th, 2017 03:49 am
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Come find some friends/talk tv at [community profile] tv_talk!
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I woke up wide awake at 2:30 this morning and I can't seem to go back to sleep.

At least it gives me time to figure out our lunch situation we didn't get to the store yesterday and we only have enough chili left over for one.

I think I have all the ingredients for Chicken and Fennel but I hate making Ian cut up veggies first thing in the morning but cutting them myself is a bad idea because then I get deep cuts on my hand and the knives are quite sharp.

I think we have pasta sauce... I'll figure something out.

Guess who's going on an adventure this coming weekend? We bought solar eclipse glasses expecting that even if Ian couldn't get two days off from work for us to drive North we could at least see the partial solar eclipse but he was able to get the days off.

So off we go to a hotel near the eclipse path so that we can see the full eclipse. It should be fun.

And we're going to a city I've always wanted to see.

So that's something to look forward too. ^_^
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Finished the movie. Loved it.

Did he remember? Did he is that what the smile is supposed to mean? Did my ship sail and then crash burning to the ground?

It made me cry. All in all it was a great movie.
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I'm watching and capping Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and so far it's got the charm and whimsy of the first two Harry Potter films without the general lack of magic the later films suffered from.

I love the costumes and actors so far.

Edit: OmG Queenie is the most adorable cupcake. I love her.
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I sorted through icons trying to clear out some duplicates and get things organized into folders until I got dizzy in the evening.

Luckily Ian was home and could help me down the stairs if he hadn't been, well that's why we keep pillows and blankets near the futon.

I got a few hours of sleep and woke up starving and with my headache lessened a little bit before midnight, I wanted to watch fantastic beasts but I just wasn't feeling focused.

I did manage to organize the shopping list and come up with a menu plan.

Ian's not feeling motivated this morning to go to the market and the store and I'm not sure I've got enough motivation to motivate him into going. He might be able to get away with bargaining.

I've got beans boiling for chili... so it's not like we don't have food for today.

I've got to write a FS story for a fest but I hate the prompt I was given. I hate it so much. I try and think about it and my brain has no ideas. But I'll try and scrawl something out and fast. Maybe I won't hate it as much later.

I've also got icon making to do, icon organization to do...

And all I want to do is go back to bed until my neck and head stop hurting.
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I hate migraines.

My head is on an ice pack and I'm writing this on my phone so if words become weird we can blame that.

My dad is doing better, they didn't find anything wrong with his chest or lungs. They think that when he hurt his back it made his chest hurt.

My stepmom is a passive aggressive bitch who implied that I don't care about my father. I really hate her sometimes. I care deeply about people so she can fuck right off.

I bought a paid account yesterday so I have more icons, yay!

I'm behind on comments and such so I'll be catching up once my brain stops pounding.
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I'm in such a bad mood today that I'm contemplating going to bed before my husband gets off work just so I don't bite his head off.

I burnt my finger making macaroni and cheese because since I loaded the dishes in the dishwasher and ran it someone put dishes in the sink and as a result I got burned trying to juggle the strainer and the pot. Then hubs got bitchy about the fact that I didn't put the milk in letting him do it when he got home because he makes better boxed mac than I do... but if he'd come home straight from work for lunch, he would have gotten home just as I put the macaroni back in the pot.

How was I supposed to know he was going to the the gym we joined last year to see if we can get them to not auto renew?

Also apparently the gym is like the hotel california you can join up any time you'd like but you can never cancel.

And the Basshole pissed on everything the other day so I'm doing more laundry than necessary. Thanks Basshole. Grrr... my Roomate's eldest cat is such a dick.
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All of the tests done at the hospital look good but he's being admitted to see a hospital tomorrow.

I'm very anxious about this. My relationship with my father is complicated and broken and this is frightening me.

It was a very uncomfortable out to eat with Ian's mum, our roomate, and our best friend because I didn't want to be there. I wanted to be at home where I could cuddle my cat and wait for news.

I bought some wine coolers and some icecream sandwiches not the best of food choices but I need them.

Hopefully it turns out to be nothing scary. Years ago before I was born so at least 33 years ago he had chest pains that weren't anything more than anxiety and then he hasn't had them since. Hopefully that's the case.
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I was about to start a post about my day but I got a message from my Stepmom that my dad's at the hospital getting a chest work up for chest pain.

Fingers crossed and prayers please?
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Took two benedryl so hopefully I can sleep, handwrote some fic, planned out the rest of my setup for my 20in20, and ate a delicious lasagna.

Now to sleep. Hopefully.
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I've been making icons for seven days now for [community profile] dailyicons and I wanted to share some of my favorites. I chose two icons that I made this week for each category.


Science Fiction and Fantasy:

Star Wars:
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Harry Potter in German babble )

daily babble )

Speaking of Netflix, I signed up for the dvd plan free trial, because it turned out it was HBO not Amazon prime that was getting fantastic beasts and where to find them. Anyone got any movie recs? [personal profile] immortalje recommended Fantastic Beasts and [personal profile] reijamira recommended Sully so both of those are on my queue and Little Woman because I've been wanting to see that movie again but what else should I put on the queue.
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Four hours of sleep and I'm wide awake definitely taking two benadryl tomorrow.

I just want eight glorious hours of sleep.
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Had a panic attack yesterday afternoon. It wasn't a huge one with the whole floaty out of body thing that happens but it had the chest tightening can't breathe panic sensations. I was not pleased.

Today I went out for sushi with Ian and Bri. I had lots of tasty sushi and then I forgot that avocado in sushi rolls gave me texture issues, luckily Ian was willing to eat that roll for me. I also got green tea ice cream. ^_^

I've almost decided on a name for my 20in20...almost and I've decided on a starting list of themes to rotate. I'll also be using Melanie's super efficient spreadsheet of themes as a list of prompt ideas while perhaps adding a few more of my own for categories.

Today's plans consist of cleaning the kitchen and sleeping.

Perhaps sipping at some mint tea because I'm still overstuffed from lunch 6 hours later. I regret nothing.
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I can't sleep. I'm tired but my mind is awake so I thought maybe some nice calming photoshop following along to tutorials would help relax the mind but it's been about two hours.

On the good news side of the spectrum it's a pay day Friday. Yay! I love payday Fridays. I've also got some chickpeas soaking for tomorrow's lunch which means it's a hummus day.

I've also begun working on a few other things... such is a list of prompts/rules/ideas for my 20in20 although I'll have to figure out how to draw peoples attention to it....

I also now have a muted icon that will be going on my ij icons which I'll be revamping... I'll probably ask Ian if we have the funds for me buying a few months at DW because 15 icons doesn't give me enough for my needs.

I've volunteered for dw20in20 on LJ in the if no one else wants to do it, I'll do it sort of way so that could be fun.

On the plus side she who takes on the responsibility gets the character of their choice so there is that.

I'll answer some comments, my email keeps grouping comments together making it difficult for me to remember if I answered them and then I'll take two benadryl and wait for the magical sleep fairies to carry me away.
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This seems like fun.


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