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I'm alive!

Sorry I went so quiet. I went through a period of depression, followed by a period of blogging in my own head. As my spouse can tell you, I went quiet in real life too. I do feel a bit better even if things are somewhat stressful.

Ian's work schedule has temporarily changed, his school schedule is frustrating he's so busy and what he's learning is so hard. He's working towards his BS in electrical engineering... so he's always busy with homework and studying.

We also have to go apartment hunting soon, which I hate because I a.) don't cope well with change it makes me anxious and b.)I like our current apartment. Unfortunately the rent will be higher and we can't afford that.

In more fun news, Ian and I went to Epcot on his birthday and since we bought tickets during their Florida resident special we've got two more trips to disney before June to look forward too. Epcot was a lot of fun. The only ride I didn't do so well one was the one where they provided barf bags. I managed not to have a panic attack... or get motion sick during the few minute ride strapped in a centrifuge that mimics space like conditions but never again. We were going to eat dinner in Japan but ended up eating in Germany instead. Curry wurst is tasty and so are their paprika chips.

I'll try and be more social but it's been so long since I've talked to anyone that I feel weird just popping back in as if I'd never left. And I feel anxious about it... and that's how I end up not blogging or responding to old comments because I feel anxious about making a blog post.

So hello, I'll try and be better at things. Sorry?
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Currently sick with a sinus infection... have also had...stupid allergies... stupid cold... stupid flu...dear immune system I hate you.

Dosed up on benedryl... and sleeping a lot.

Sherlock Season three upsets in me in ways I don't have words for. I don't like my favorite character right now.

That's about the whole of my life right now.
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Happy New Year!

Hope 2014 is a great one.

I've been done with 2013 mentally for months... it was not a good year.

I also wish our neighbors would stop shooting off fireworks... as we still have time before the end of the year and they've been scaring my Boo kitten (aka: Mushi) for the last few hours... poor little guy is snuggled up against me shaking.
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Merry Christmas a day late!

I had a feast yesterday of really good ham, pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes. So even though Ian worked we had a mini Christmas.

I've gotten addicted to the show Once Upon A Time... and even have a new ship.

Beyond that been dealing with a damn sore throat that won't go away.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday.
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I have the cold/flu.

Feel like I'm dying.

Lost five pounds last week before succumbing to the cold/flu.

Kill me now?
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Or if you live somewhere that doesn't have a day supporting binge eating on great food, happy Thursday.

A cool little silly link that amuses me, have a toddler dressed up as all 11 of the doctors...here
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Cooking is so fun... cooking is so fun.

Turkey is in the oven, wish that it was done.

Am dead tired. Having Thanksgiving dinner today with Ian since he works Thanksgiving. ^_^

Turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce with rum.... such a yummy feast.

And I bought egg nog... yay!
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Has anyone seen my sanity?

Or for that matter my muse.
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I swear my kitty boys are bound and determined to drive me crazy.

IJ is going to be down tomorrow.

Also for some reason it posted a random post of mine from sometime this spring at about 10ish or so last night.

I just realized it's nearly the 20th and I haven't started any of my 20 in 20's yet... bad Dani.
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So very tired!

I woke up early because we were supposed to meet Ian's family at the airport here in Tampa, since Ian's grandma flew down... but her flight was delayed so we had to cancel the meeting since Ian had work tonight.

So I only got five hours for sleep because I couldn't fall back asleep.

I had a two hour phone conversation with my best friend about how I'm thinking about having a baby... and talking about how she'll be auntie Bri...

Ian has a test today and a test on Wednesday. Yay he'll be stressed and cranky for the next two days.

I've been listening to Investigation Discovery's Missing... which is a great show to listen to while doing other things in the background. I don't watch crime documentaries even though I like to listen them because sometimes they show crime scene photos and I don't want to see that. I just want to hear about how science can solve the seemingly unsolvable.

And that's about it.
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Dear Joey Cat,

For heaven's sake stop peeing and pooping on the carpet. Use your litter box for fucks sake. It's clean. Or if that isn't good enough go on the linoleum or tile so it's easier to clean up.

The house smells of urine now, thanks so much.


Dear Boo (aka Mushi),
Stop biting me! It really really hurts when you bite my cheek. You drew blood.

Maybe Mommy won't buy you a new squeaky toy when she's shopping this week. You have been naughty.


To both of you,
Yes, you thing one and thing two. No you can't go outside. Joey, you'd pass on FIV to all the stray cats that don't already have it. You could also be injured by the numerous big trucks and cars that go by. You could also get lost. You have a pretty good life, it just doesn't include outside time.

Spoiled little loved cats, behave!


Life is...

Nov. 16th, 2013 08:08 pm
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Your husband is just in a bad mood because he needs to pass this test and the custom book the school uses skips the chapter they are doing on la place transforms and vectors.

He doesn't mean to yell. He's just crabby.

Finish pizza, go upstairs to read.

I'm allergic to bleach... the stuff maintenance used to try and fix our dishwasher. Also when I was going to rinse the bleach smell out I nearly made dangerous gases.

Bleach and Vinegar form Chlorine gas (mustard gas)....

That could have been fun.
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Been lost in my own thoughts again.

Depression was winning. I always get depressed in this season of families are never dysfunctional and if you don't have a relationship with your family something is wrong with you...message that goes around during the holidays. I distance myself from my family as a form of protection if I don't keep putting myself out there waiting for them to love me, it doesn't hurt when they do not love me... when they don't reply back... when both sets of parents show that they love one sibling but don't seem to love me.

I love Christmas music, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations but the other stuff that goes along with it... Yeah could live without the guilt. You don't contact your family? You don't visit only to hear about how everything you do is wrong, and how you and your husband won't be a family until you have children of your own...

Yeah my anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder is enough of a problem without allowing all that into my life again.

I managed to motivate myself into scrubbing the bathroom with the all natural cleaners I whipped up, my bathroom smells like peppermint and lavender with the slightest hint of lemon. My sink sparkles.

That's more motivation then I've had in days.

This however did make me grin and feel better about the world:
Batkid's Make-a-Wish Transforms San Francisco Into Gotham
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While shopping the other day I picked up a fitbook (a food and fitness journal) and today is my first day logging what I eat and trying to actually motivate myself to be less sloth like.

Woke up and immediately went on a 28 minute walk and then came home and had a nice smoothie.

Now to do the writing out of the shopping list and the shopping.

On Tuesday the Santa fairies will be delivering my fitbit flex... and I'll have a bracelet pedometer, sleep monitor, awesome device. It's my Christmas present... delivered early in the hopes of me keeping up my desire to actually do things to gain health.
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Another busy day...

Running baking soda and vinegar through the dishwasher drain as it:
a.) smells
b.)Isn't all the way draining water.

Ran to the store to pick up some cleaning supplies but ended up ordering half of them from amazon as Target doesn't carry washing soda or castile soap.

Which means I can't clean until Tuesday when the stuff arrives. I'm trying out homemade cleaners after reading that regular cleaners can worsen allergy symptoms.

Spent forever trying to find a pair of dress shoes and comfortable shoes... but finally found a pair of shoes without a heel. Not everyone needs ankle breaking sequined heels in a size 6 1/2 thank you very much.

We're trying out a Lutheran church tomorrow to see if I like it. I'm looking forward to it. If I like it they also offer a special service in German... ^_^
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Doctor's appointment went well. I have an appointment on the 25th of this month for an ultrasound and my annual since they couldn't do the annual today, and the doctor needs to have a look at my uterine lining again. I've got a script for a medicine that will slow the bleeding down and help reduce the painful cramps but isn't progesterone. Less of a blood clot risk. Nothing wrong that she can feel though that could be causing a deep bleed with bad cramps.

Then Ian and I went to the outlet mall in Ellenton because Ian needs new work pants and shirts because they decided he needs to wear a gray pinstriped vest and a godawful blue and white striped tie that reminds me of a light house, so his khaki pants don't work at all. Hit the vitamin shop to pick up a vitamin with iron that doesn't make me vomit.

While I was at the mall near the chocolate shop, there is a tamed outdoor squirrel who waits on the door handle for her treat. So cute!

Then off to publix for some groceries and now home to go to sleep so I can wake up tomorrow and be productive.
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Doctor appointment tomorrow... and an hour and something drive to Bradenton to see said doctor.

I'm having a massive bleed again and it's not responding to the active pills and I promised my gyno last time not to try an wait it out but to call her as soon as I realize that it's not normal. That way we can try and avoid blood transfusion number 3.

I see an optical illusion in the window just now, two well behaved cats sitting on the ledge behaving... It can't be reality. I have two cats but well behaved? Never.

Not really much else going on... I've been choking down Iron pills and sleeping as my energy is getting depleted faster than my body can reproduce red blood cells.
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Still not doing so well... my stomach has declared war on me... It should settle down in another day or two I hope.

I've been writing on a notebook... and might have a few drabbles to type up.

Made mapo tofu, but sadly it didn't taste like it did at the old chinese food place.

It's almost Ian's off week, yay!

That's about it, have been upstairs rather than downstairs mostly.
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You know it's going to be a great day when it starts with vomiting.

Some people get an extra hour of sleep, Ian gets an extra hour at work.

I need to be creative but I'm still fighting nausea...

Fun day ahead... wee.
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